Author of Unqualified Success Admits To Being Unqualified

Author of Unqualified Success Admits To Being Unqualified

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It’s worse than previously suspected

MESA, ARIZONA, June 6, 2019— Rachel Stewart recently published her first book, Unqualified Success, only to confirm that she is, in fact, unqualified for many things, including writing and publishing a book—though this probably won’t come as a huge surprise to those who have seen the title of Stewart’s book.

In addition to finding two typos (to date) in the book, she was recently made aware that the cover of her book looks strikingly similar to another book cover, Millionaire Success Habits by Dean Graziosi. We’ve all heard of practicing what you preach, but “Cover-gate,” as it is now known, may indicate that basic proficiency can be useful.

Stewart, who is a big proponent of not letting her deficiencies hold her back, said, “The discovery of the cover fiasco came at the most opportune moment…only 10 days after the launch of my book. But really, could there be any better evidence of “unqualification” in action? What can I say? I go all in.”

If asked for comment, Graziosi would probably say, “If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then it’s obvious that Rachel Stewart has very good taste.”

Meanwhile, social media sites have been inundated, with comments and debate about which is the better book; clearly an unbiased assessment will require a thorough reading of both. Amazon is happy to provide copies of each so that you can join the “Cover-gate” conversation.

Rachel Stewart is the author of Unqualified Success: Bridging the Gap Between Where You are Now and Where you Want to Be to Achieve Massive Success and the champion of every unqualified achiever who has a dream and the heart to go after it.


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