What Do You Believe About Yourself? It Matters!

What Do You Believe About Yourself? It Matters!

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Me with Magno Santos.

I recently had the opportunity to speak at the Genius Network. My talk was based on Chapter 3 of my new book, Unqualified Success, which is all about what can happen in our lives when we put powerful beliefs into action in our lives.

There are over 60,000 words in the book, but the most important ones—the ones that make the biggest impact on our ultimate success—I put in the very beginning of the book. They are all about our mindset and beliefs.

Every other tool in the book like vision, grit, persistence, or how we deal with fear and failure and continue to show up (just to name a few of my favorite chapters), are all vastly more effective and powerful when we start with the right mindset and core beliefs about ourselves.

Without the right beliefs about ourselves and our abilities, nothing else we do will matter and with them, everything else we do has a greater, more lasting impact. What we believe about ourselves and our ability to achieve matters more than any other factor.

Throughout Unqualified Success, I tell the true story of Magno Santos. (I’m telling you, it’s worth buying the book just to read his story. Put it in your cart. You can thank me later.) Magno’s story is a powerful example of what can happen when we believe we are capable of anything.

Magno had a deep and fundamental belief that if someone else could do it, then so could he. He thought that if someone else could learn it, then so could he. He was certain that if someone else could achieve it, then so could he. That deep belief that anything that was possible for anyone else was possible for him, has allowed Magno to achieve incredible personal success in his life.

Magno went from living in Sao Paolo, Brazil and not knowing any English, to earning his Masters degree and becoming a Nurse Practitioner. When he arrived in this country he had $54 dollars in his pocket. Today he works in as an emergency room physician. He built a career and a beautiful life on the idea “that if they can do it, so can I.”

The story Magno was always telling himself was that he could be more. He could do more. He could have more. And he was always the one in charge of how much more. It was always up to him. He was never restricted by his circumstances or, more importantly, by his own limiting beliefs about his abilities. I

f he didn’t know how yet, he’d figure it out. If it seemed impossible right now, he’d attack it one step at time. If he didn’t succeed the first time, he’d just try again.

Magno never told himself things were impossible or just too hard. He told himself the truth—and he believed it—that he was the only factor determining his destiny and anything anybody else could learn or have or do, he could too.

The book is full of stories of people like Magno—people who achieved massive success because they never accepted the idea that they weren’t qualified or capable or ready. They believed they were worthy of success and then they did the things they needed to in order to achieve it.

But it all begins with belief.

In my talk featured in the video below, you will hear Christine’s story, someone who has taught me more about the power of belief than almost anyone.

I hope you enjoy it and I hope it reminds you of what is truly possible in your own life.

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